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Presentation on preliminary results of the Work Package 2.3: Survey with Enterprises
A preparatory virtual meeting took place this May 13th to adress the project's current situation.
Upcoming meetings and events
Lab Movie starts a new chapter of the project with several in person meetings and events scheduled for 2022.
Survey done at FPT Software
Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) carries out face-to-face surveys to 11 enterprises in the ICT sector.
Teams from HANU and UTB meet for Dissemination Event
March 14th 2021: teams from HANU and UTB meet, at Hanoi University, for a Dissemination Event.
3rd Transnational Meeting (blended mode)
15-17th June 2021 Transnational Partner Meeting held in blended mode Updates about the project current state of art; Follow up on Trainings; Next steps
Project Training Course
Project Training Course on Knowledge and Methodology to Analyse the Labour Market” held at VNUA from 16-18 November 2020
1 st Training Action
June 2020 (delayed due to COVID19 pandemic), at HAUI, in Hanoi, Vietnam. Training to transfer the knowledge about the Observatory implementation, targeting 4/5 staff members for each partner HEI. (one researcher, one professor/teacher, at least one expert of statistics, at least one IT expert).
online Transnational Meeting
12th of May and 17-18th of June 2020 - virtual transnational meetings due to COVID19 pandemic. Project Follow-up; Management of the project and financial issues; Next steps.
Kick off meeting
13-17 of January 2020, at UNIPD, in Padova Italy. Project Presentation; 1st Steering Committee (SC) Meeting; Management of the project and financial issues; Partnership Agreement; Next steps, definition of partners’ role and related tasks.