WP1 - Analysis of the Vietnam labour market needs

1.1 Report on the Vietnam labour market and available tools

1.2 Report on the EU labour market observatories


WP2 - Transfer of knowledge and methodology to analyse the labour market

2.1 Development of educational materials

2.2 Organisation and implementation of training

  • Training Session @ Vietnam National University of Agriculture (16-17-18 November 2020) - Program | Event

2.3 Survey with enterprises

2.4 Reports on the three economic sectors: agri-food, tourism, telecommunications and information technology


WP3 - Development of the Labour Market Observatory in Vietnam

3.1 Report on Analysis of the data from WP2

3.2 Implementation of the platform and the qualification repository

3.3 Piloting of the LMO


WP4 - Quality evaluation and monitoring

4.1 Quality Framework Plan

4.2 Evaluation reports

Internal Evaluation Report


WP5 - Dissemination & Exploitation

5.1 Dissemination Plan

5.2 Project website

5.3 Promotional events

5.4 Articles and scientific contributions

5.5 Sustainability Guidelines


WP6 - Project Management

6.1 Project management procedures

6.2 Regular meetings

6.3 Project Handbook