Pilot Surveys done by NTTU


Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) has carried out face-to-face surveys, in the last few months, to several enterprises in the Information and Communication Technologies sector - ICT.

11 companies, based in Vietnam, participated in this survey: ASC Education Solutions, YOOT Company, Venus Network Technology, SCTV state company, CMC Saigon Technology and Solution Company Limited, TMA Solutions company, FPT Software, Vnetwork, Lac viet company, GESO company and IVS Vietnam.

During these meetings, NTTU introduced them the LAB-MOVIE project, along with this capacity building’s goals and methodology. These presentations are important for the businesses to understand and be involved in the project, on one hand, and on the other the questionnaires are crucial for the companies to be able to share their views on the ICT market. The face-to-face surveys take the project a step closer to its final goal: the creation of a Labor Market Observatory for Vietnam universities.